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Our Services

Social networks are no longer considered to be the means intended for personal communication purely. They are multifunctional. And as far as new features appear, they are integrated into businesses of other domains. In accordance with this, we offer timely software solutions and relevant IT services:

  1. Integration of Web sites, mobile and desktop applications with social networks:
    • authorization through user accounts
    • communication via mailing services of the social networks
    • media content management
    • content publishing
  2. Apply social networks to business.
    1. Use social networks for communication.
    2. Search for customers or communicate with your buyers.
    3. Use the whole marketing potential of such communication channels.
  3. Design and development of games for social networks.
  4. Programming using Open API
  5. Customization of the existing applications for their integration with social networks

    We realize Social Networks Integration and Customization of such applications as:

    • mobile apps
      (the apps with social networks functionality on the basis of iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and other mobile platforms)
    • desktop app
      (allowing sharing, instant messaging, notification and/or other features of social networking services according to the project requirements)
    • web apps
      (e.g., Facebook apps; E-commerce social networking apps; Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace integration into client's website)

Customer Benefits

  • High targeting level
  • Real-time communication (instant notifications, updates, reminders)
  • Flexibility
  • Easy, familiar and fast to use
  • Indirect promotion